Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chambana reunion scrapping

It took me approximately a week and a half to scrap last April's U of I reunion weekend with my friends Sara, Heather and Stephanie. I was in a scrapping zone and accomplished a lot through the winter. Here are several of the layouts I did for the reunion book:

My title page; the die-cut letters were a little too wide, so I had to push them together along the bottom.

Green Street is the main drag on campus and has changed dramatically since we were in school there, including a fire that happened last year at our favorite restaurant, Zorba's. It was still boarded up when we were in town.

We love the Quad! It was fitting that we reunited in the spring because that's when students cram the Quad to take naps, study and throw Frisbees and Nerf footballs.

No U of I reunion scrapbook is complete without a layout dedicated to the Alma Mater statue. 

We had the chance to tour Illini Tower, where Heather, Sara and I were suitemates during my senior year. It was amazing to see how much things had changed.

We tried a new (off-campus) place for lunch during our visit and had some really outstanding barbecue.

This is my favorite layout of the book. The paper came from Stampin' Up!, and it worked perfectly for documenting my visit back to Gregory Hall, the journalism building where I had many of my classes. The paper, the photos, the journaling -- it all comes together to tell "The Story."


  1. Love this book, Mandy! I've said it before but it bears repeating: You are incredibly talented and creative! What font did you use? I love the look of "REUNION" created by the overlap. Another Mandy Masterpiece!

  2. Aww, thanks, LaVonne! That's so nice!! What LaVonne masterpiece are you planning for this weekend?

  3. Oh yeah, the font is from Stampin' Up! I can't remember for sure what it's called ...